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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Waiting for the Muse

So in between getting one son to work and back and the other son registered for classes, measuring my sculpture, editing the studio tour brochure, doing laundry, talking with the housepainter, writing Thank you notes, and paying bills, I fit in an hour to paint. I had to wonder- why bother? I have admired, throughout the day, baskets of laundry and bowls of tomatos as interesting still life options. But what is the point really- Does the world need another image of bursting ripe tomatos? If I continue painting everyday I risk filling my studio loft with useless canvases and papers, and for what?
But for lack of any other way of operating-here is my daily exersize-
Here is the comfy loft chair with an imaginary Muse- another hen. 10 x 8 inches acrylic on canvas.SOLD
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