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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Virtual Studio Tour

My artist friends at are all sharing their studio space today. My work space in the barn loft has gotten a bit cold and I use the holiday errands, the kids social life and other distractions to not be there as often. I have hung a tarp to contain some of the heat and reflect the light from the skylight, there is an electric heater and I believe padded insulated coveralls are the fashion of the day. I lust for mittens with the tips removed! Once I start to work I forget all about the temperature and hours will pass before I notice. It is just getting there! My dad has his vet clinic just downstairs and it is nice seeing him everyday. We synchronise all the stereo (turntables), from the waiting room, to the kennel room, to the studio loft, to his electronic bench area (even higher in the rafters). It is a huge space, and lots of fun for entertaining in warmer weather!
Meanwhile the photo shows a pretty CLEAN area because I am working out of a suitcase in my house! Until March...
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