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Wednesday, December 31, 2008


We are home. It seems to be weeks since I last painted. I can typically get into a lot of trouble if I go a long time without working. Emotionally. Obstacles: I lost my favorite brush weeks ago moving from place to place. Today a blizzard has me housebound where the TV is consuming the air and driving me nuts. I ate too much during the holidays, so perhaps I should go to the gym before considering any other goals. So... IS my goal for the new year to get back on track? I NEED TO FEEL BETTER ABOUT MYSELF. How is that? Body mind spirit.
I can try sit ups. Meditation. Church.
I need to find a well lit minimally heated (at least) place to work for the next 8 weeks. I have a couple of options to look into. From the foot of my bed to the center of main street. Once I get there, I hope to caress my left over dust coated brushes, squeeze out the paint and work on a series that just moves the pigment around in newer, craftier, and smarter ways. I want to get better at painting.

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