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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Heart suspended in woods with antlers

This painting doesn't make me happy. It went through a lot of revisions...and Internal conversations. But it is done and out and it is time for me to move on. 19 x 26 inches

It started out as an antler on the move carrying a suitcase. Then text comes from my LA Times, as usual- with the wiierd poetics of things such as: "flight landed in a ravine and caught fire", "beware gifts" of love, contraband "caviar for the homeless". But the suitcase bothered me and didn't seem to say enough. So...

I painted in out and twisted the antler to catch a heart instead. Lots of the words were lost. Embedded deep into the wood.
The last antler- the one in the forefront of the final painting (version up top) seemed to be wispering to me the words: "wait"- which I eventually had to write across my heart.
Such is the process of my daily painting- its sort of story telling, lucid dreaming, poetry and angst.
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