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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Grim truths and chopped paintings

This morning- in the fog, on the wet roads above the village, a giant semi tractor trailer truck came jackknifing towards me. He slid by to the side quiet gracefully and perched at a stop, balanced on the steep hillside. No one was hurt. Only the guardrail was crushed. It was in fact my lucky day! And the driver's too.
Still I was shaken up. In the back seat I had 12 of my Antler paintings, intending to show them to a friend that morning. And when I did- I had new eyes to see that these where not the paintings I wanted to survive me if a truck crushed me flat. A dream I had last night has come to mind in vaporous moments with the message that these paintings are not the product. They are one step in the process. So I chopped several of them up.
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