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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

What I can do with my eyes closed?

I can pray. I can exude love. I can dream the dream of nocturnes or the dreams of purpose. I can listen. I can be completely vulnerable. I can let go and unfold. I can breathe.
With my eyes closed, I have to have faith. It is a pose of powerlessness.

Figuratively speaking I can live a whole life with my eyes closed. Such is the point of denial. How many times have I caught myself on some routine errand wondering how I actually got there? No awareness of my previous motions! I daydream. I leave the present and travel to nostalgic reveries of the past or hysterical speculations of the future. With my figurative eyes closed, I can't see where I am, the reality of the situation. It becomes a point of fear.

Second page of my Mixed Media Hibernation Journal is about the battle of faith and fear.
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