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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Excess exposure to the body

Another day in Miami!

At the Rubell Family Collection with Michael, Max, Gabrielle and Dana. The exhibition, American Exuberance, seems focused on the body. Most particularly, the human body with all its sexual complications and manifestations. When the body wasn't present in the work there was evidence of action- paint splattered walls, scaffolding with boundaries of beer cans, tires festooned with glitter spills, diner booths with ripped upholstery... There was a warning at the entrance that you had to be 18 or accompanied by an adult to see the exhibition. My 16 year old loved it. Did it matter that he was in a fowl mood to begin with? He seemed to find a commiserate company in the artist's works of decay, stagnation, ruination, and implied violence.
Across the street we caught Pina at the O cinema. That too was about the body--- only difference is that it was uplifting.

O cinema- 90th NW 29th ST (across from the RFC)
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