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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Sandy, Salty and coated with a side of Copper Sulphate

This was me last weekend at Bill Baggs State Park, on Key Biscayne.
This is a work of art at Basel. The work of Roger Hiorns, two engines coated in copper sulphate and suspended from steel.
See the similarity between my feet the sculpture?
Both the feet and the engines are meant to move and are now frozen
They no longer work! Today, school got out for vacation.
Both my feet and the engines were buried temporarily. I was buried in work, and also in the smooth crystal sand of the Sunday bliss.
Both are out of context in a hoity paloity art show.
Both the glittery heavy sculpture and my painted toenails are extravagances.
... Both are doubles, crusty and framed by a confluence of lines...

OK, I am reaching. But I like them both and needed a reason to post them.

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