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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Evocative video of my aunt Sage now dead, but then, dancing
by Marylee Hardenbergh
This is a short piece of movement that flows between five different aged dancers. It was done about four months before Sage died. I loved how Sage lived. She embraced life with curiosity, grace and gumption. She could work in the trenches and from the dais. She reached out and found solutions because her down to earth practicality was matched with a belief in lofty dreaming. In that way, she literally helped move buildings and programs and bodies, and supported the arts, womens health, and equality among all people. And not only was she beautiful to look at, when I was with her and we would laugh, I could see and hear the fabulous song of her soul.

I miss Aunt Sage, and know that she would have made this freezing winter in Minneapolis a lot warmer with just her spirit. She died during the Thanksgiving holiday, having lived almost two full years longer than her husband, Uncle John. Perhaps she is again with Uncle John. That would be good. They would be dancing...The two of them... so really beautiful and inspiring.
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