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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

I'm a freak at coctail parties

Recently I have found it so lovely to have friends who can talk about politics, and the state of the universe. For so long I have been relegated to trying to look good and speak of little importance. Keeping everything light and being decorative is how you throw a good party. I think I like bad parties. I don't want to talk (or listen) about the Kardashians, or Bieber's police record. I don't want to blame one political party or the president. I want to discuss the things we need to know about the food supply, and healthy practices, and our rights as human beings on the same planet as each other.
I'd rather talk about God, death, and poetry, than sex scandals, car chases, and serial killers in the making.
This art is playing with Mylar Dad picked up from the dump, and with the truth about what we should know and what we are being given as news...
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