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Sunday, October 5, 2014

And the Show is about to start

It's that time of year again- the theater production of Legally Blond is in need of sets. So, of course, the art department gets asked. Phoebe, my colleague and the director of the play, wants 8 large panels for backdrops. Lisa, the other art teacher, has made giant papie mache doggie bowl and bone. The panels were delivered to my studio in a rented truck Friday evening, and Phoebe is hoping to get them back by mid-week! The palette is a bit intense with cobalt blues and hot pinks. I am keeping them sketchy...
Two panels fit together to make the sorority house, two fit together to symbolize Harvard School, one panel is a department store, one a hair salon, one a bedroom, and the last panel, a mansion's bathroom scene.
Michael and I sketched them out and painted about 6 hours yesterday. I painted another 4 today. One of my sweet AP students came by to help out.

I have been asked why I am not using more students for the job and I have several answers. One: it doesn't mesh with my curriculum...and because the drama department doesn't deliver the backdrops anywhere on a calendar with more time to tackle it, it is a rush job. Two: I have too many students in my classes who really are not interested in doing this kind of work, and the classroom is too tight to contain these panels and hold classes. Three: this is a stressful week where we host the accreditation committee, who come around once every five years, and we must look our best! I can't have this (potential) chaos in that environment.
So... I do it myself. With the help of dear humored Michael. He brings the beer at 9pm.

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