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Sunday, January 4, 2015

looking back

My son Max asked me what the highlights of last year were. At first I was blank-minded. It took a moment and some review of my calendar pages. How could I have forgotten? Perhaps it was all the rum punches that erased the cruise in February? Then my little sister, having fallen deeply in love, yet living as far across the country as possible, eloped with "her Michael". It took half a year until the family gathered to celebrate with a party in July! Also, against my instincts, I rented a studio space in an automotive warehouse district. Max found me the perfect studio chair at Goodwill, and I survived months of sauna-like heat to paint and draw after work and on weekends.  Now I am enjoying the space so much, I must apologize for the previous complaining. In addition, I aged: my blood pressure skyrocketed, my thyroid was sluggish, my arch dropped and I entered menopause. A couple graduations, over a dozen house guests and at least as many road trips to St Pete remind me that Time just keeps marching on. I might not remember it all, but it happened!
photo by Michael Gellatly
The two major spiritual lessons in 2014 were the life of Ben and the death of Yvette. Ben was sick and is healed! He is off to study and start a new chapter of his life. I am sure that all our prayers were answered. Yvette fell a couple of times and then died in May just a month before her 90th birthday. She was an example of grace, mischief, and beauty. I am so glad to have known her. Above all else I am thankful for being surrounded by love: my loving good sons, my healthy parents, and the attentions of a loving partner, Michael. And I am glad I can paint. Thank God for art.
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