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Sunday, April 19, 2015

My least favorite words are , "Watch this"

He is brave and not afraid of spiders. So he could not resist plunging his arm into the soft looking peat-like hedge at the edge of the art event.  He wanted me to follow suit, but I declined.
 Seems that I am a lot more cautious and conservative. After all, this is a wild place, full of spiders and invasive species of snakes. Also, we were at a public event, and I didn't want to risk breaking out in hives.
I know my reticence can be boring. When I came home with my new leased vehicle last fall, he asked me why I hadn't gotten some brighter color edition. I had leased a black car. "Now you will blend in with everybody else", he said. "Exactly!," said I. I want to blend in with everybody else!
I am attracted to the reckless, but I beg to differ when it comes to my own actions.

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