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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Survival skills for painters

I always joke that I am preparing my students to survive and paint on a desert island. After all- they will need to express themselves, if only to have their "H E L P" sign to be unique and elaborate. And, if they don't get saved right away, to know that there are natural elements that can provide paint and surfaces to work on. What I am really trying to point out is that you don't need a trust fund or a huge bank account to set up your studio. This week the students made their own paint brushes. I encouraged them to salvage from the trash cans, and from the landscape outside. The teased leaves from our palm trees made some large bristles. Many students fell onto the pack of q-tips brought by the janitor. Some cut portions of their own hair. Some used wire. Lucky for some we have resident peacocks on the property.
Next week we will grind pigment for making paint!
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