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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Just loving the Boston curves

I was fortunate enough to have winter break coincide with unseasonable spring weather in Boston. Though I do own a winter coat and three pairs of socks, I was not sure I had the fiber in my Floridian bones for a full blown winter experience. The warm 70 degree breezes that blew through Beantown kept us out and up.

There was so much to see! Across the street from our hotel was the Old City Hall, built in the second empire style of french Emperor Napoleon III (1850's). It set the standard for the capital buildings and many other public offices across new England.
Right next to it was this building, Louis Sullivan-esque, with stripped down details, some ornament along the street level, but basically the Chicago style of the early 1900's. There was such a feeling of old and new everywhere you looked. Mostly from afar the city looks new. The pavement and bricks keep the history tangible.
And the curves! We marveled at the curves. I am convinced it is because the streets are rumored to be built along meandering cow paths. Why else the strange curvaceous buildings?

I'd love to know any thoughts on this!
Bye bye Boston. Hope to see you again soon

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