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Friday, August 26, 2011

Toad stools and other wilderness details

A friend advised me to seek the wilderness once in this new urban environment... is a photo of some toad stools outside on my patio. NO KIDDING. Google them! I think it was laid by the proverbial giant poison toad that can, with the toxic ooze from their back, take down a dog. I am still looking for a home for my cat Smokey in NY. (He's in a temporary home now. Really sweet... too sweet for Florida)
The golden orb spiders are everywhere, spinning webs between my parked car and the condo wall. Apparently they grow easily to the size of my fist and open hand.

The third picture of wilderness is actually my dining room floor. Like a beurocratic maze, I can't get a phone or internet hook up until next month...and there is too much paperwork for me to cut through.

Where is the art?
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