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Friday, January 11, 2008

Rainy Day on the Road

12 x 12 inches my daily painting on maps. It's all about the morning commute- the blur of action transporting my son- with his two ton backpack, his base guitar and his crutches- ten miles to school. It is a road where many people have died in freakish one car accidents...This is where we first greet the world each weekday morning, starting with the farmer's grudging wave next door, the truckers splashing to slowly turn into the Round Tuit parking lot, the herd of cows pressing against the gate to cross, the frisky Chinese children at the village bus stop, and hitchhiking Danny who picks up cans along the road, right before the high hedge with leaping deer, and the intersection with three gas stations, to the blinking light induced alternating auto right of way, past the hidden trooper with his speed radar, to the steps of the school with the waving greeting of the headmaster.
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