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Saturday, July 18, 2009

MY wish list

Unravelled. 12 x 8 inches- part of a series to be exhibited at the Wassaic Project August 13-16

Tilly’s Help/ wish list

Someone strong and wise enough to pull out and disconnect the dishwasher that no longer works. I picture shelves or stashing the recyclables behind a curtain there.
Someone to diagnose the dryer. It’s warm, it spins, it doesn’t dry.
A handyman to fix the front step where I backed into it with the car.
A new sliding glass door installed where the current one has been shattered. (not my doing)
The will power to do sit-ups and get in shape. A personal trainer?
A cup of tea with a girlfriend or a bottle of vodka with a few.

Someone to enter my past inventory on the computer
Someone to make phone calls for me.
Someone to tell me everything is going to be all right.
Brain cells

More time
An affordable lawyer who can draw up a divorce
Sales of paintings to quell the nerves as to how I am going to afford to live.
An extra $200 a month for rent now that my studio mate has moved out- or a new studio mate.
A residency somewhere the phones (and even my kids) don’t reach

I could offer:
A mural (I am quick and clean)
Portraits for the holidays?
A room in a lovely studio
Spare room in the house
Fresh eggs…designed? Daily?
A cup of tea.
My daily smile and infectious hope.
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