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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Do we stay the course or make a change?

I am astounded by the recurring question in all aspects of mid life- but especially now in the realms of finance... I hear it asked in the personal, cultural, service, and corporate boardrooms. There seems to be hovering amongst us a dense layer of fear... not enough money and no sight of change. Do we keep doing the same old thing and hope there's a turn for the best or do we make some radical cuts? Making no decision has become a choice as well.
If I die tomorrow will I have wasted today worrying about whether I have enough to get through life in the long run?
I am so grateful to have a job, even temporary as it is. There is a steep learning curve and I spend most of my week nights and wee hours worrying over lesson plans and technological operations. That's why they call it "working for a living". Not easy stuff...

But isn't it lovely? This lovely foggy lane is on my commute to work. (ndp)
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