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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Divorce Series for sale

It started at the lawyers office...

Faced with the 40-page document that defines the end of my 24-year marriage I was both skeptical and shocked that it took so many and so little words to cover it. For me there was only one way to process it.

In the days that followed I created 40 small paintings, one each day, to mirror the pages of the document in poetic narratives. Using found headlines (text) and an encyclopedia of personal images, I painted and blogged about the process of loss, grief, anger, denial, and acceptance. The commentary I received, both privately and publicly, took me by surprise. I can't thank my viewers enough. The insights shared sustained me through out the process of acceptance.

I am now offering my 8 x 8 inch hardcover book with 40 paintings in it for an art lover's collection. I have a very limited quantity right now. I plan to ship the books the first week of December.

Cost is $30 dollars plus shipping. Shipping is $7.99 US and Canada, and $13.99 international.

PLEASE ADD $6 to shipping on top of the $7.99 the button charges for shipping IF you need it shipped overseas. Sorry for the inconvenience- I can't seem to figure out how to successfully automate this button!
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