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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Been Hibernating all day

Rosemary and I led 6 attendees (two were no-shows) in a day full of inspired crafting imagery and kitchen alchemy.

We worked on books and loaves of bread. Everyone kneaded, punched and braided their own. The recipe was from the Tassajara monks. As the batter rose we retreated to the studio and thought about the ways we can give up control, honor the bed as an alter, list what drains us and what renews our souls, and above all, see our place in time as a cyclical seasonal phenomena. The books used Golden soft gel medium, Modge Podge, and bees wax as the main collage media.

Joan's book focused on her father, Sayzie's was a tissue encaustic celebration, Vicki sought the ocean as her haven, Laura transferred her passion for the Hudson River into 5 pages of symbolic color, and Jonathan used mixed media to create a sculptural book the tied everything together!
Here are some pictures
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