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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Mudroom Closet painting

They don't have mud room's in Florida, but for 24 years the mudroom was an obsession and my nemesis. I wanted one when I didn't have one, and then worried to control the chaos when I did have one!
Spring break in March coincides with mud season up north. The wind, which hurtles through any open door like an air vaccuum chamber will play havoc with your utility bill, but it can also blow a warm wind to raise the winter doldrums. You have to dress and shed in layers. And you must anticipate proper footwear for walking in glue like ice and quicksand.

Using the word prompt: "front door", I came up with this painting. My "front door "today- with out the mud, pets, the sons or their sports equipment- is much too boring to paint! This mudroom is perfectly organized, with an open door to let in the fresh air...
6 x6 inches
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