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Monday, November 26, 2012

splatter dribble drip and stomp paintings

 In Pollock, the movie, Jackson changes his shoes before painting. Now the kids get why. It is very important to have them remove their shoes if they don't want paint to fall on them. Mine are covered and I wasn't even painting!

 After initially using spoons, forks and knives with metallic acrylic paint to create a visual rhythm on their Bristol boards, we went outside and, with common house latex paint and an assortment of sticks, danced around the works. The students loved it and I sensed it was a good stress reliever for them.
  Puddles of paint have the long holiday weekend to dry.

Next we will add a stencil and spray paint layer.
This is the final assignment in my painting course that follows the development of paint from India inks, to ground pigments, watercolors, acrylics, latex and finally to air-born propelled pigment. If we went further I would have to include inkjet and pixel art.

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