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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Pearls of wisdom

Someone I love very (very, very) much survived an accident this week, ...pretty beat up. When I cried telling the story to a colleague, he asked me if I was crying tears of joy, because my love was alive and had been wearing a helmet.

"No,"said I. I was crying for myself as helpless and painfully hopeless facing the situation.

After thinking about feeling that good-ole-comfortable-victim-feeling for a day, I shifted my focus and I prayed as if I were happy, (or well, okay), about the situation. I focused on gratitude instead of pain. I changed my attitude. Though suffering has been my nature, I am practically exuberant now and thankful for miracles seen and unseen. The change in my attitude makes life bearable.
 Even laughed all through dinner tonight.
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