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Saturday, April 4, 2015

Egg play

I've been dyeing to decorate some eggs. Last night, after attending an amazing Operatic Sacred Cantata, "The Seven Last Words of Christ", at St Thomas Episcopal Parish, Michael and I felt  a bit somber and downcast. We were debating the constancy of Sin through Time. Casting about for a ray of hope, (that should come when we celebrate Easter on Sunday), we were compelled to meditate on the spring egg. There is such promise in an egg. It is a perfectly packaged seedling. Armed with crayons, glue, sharpies, dyes, plant scraps, pots, pans, and a dozen Jumbo eggs, we played side by side until past midnight ignoring all other reasoning.
Here is what we found in the morning... a colorful tray of eggs and giant blossoms on the porch!

Life is amazing. It keeps on going in spite of our dramas. And I'm so lucky to have a friend like Michael. He is a lot of fun and willing to try new things and go new places or just stay home.
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