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Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mother's Day tradition

Mother's day 2015 by Kent

Michael drew Kent drawing me
My eldest son, ever since he was six, has drawn me on Mother's Day...turning the tables, so to speak, by making me the subject and him the artist. He was about six, come to think of it, when he declared he was no longer my "material" and he rejected the idea of me sketching him while he played or slept or took baths.
It is both shocking and gratifying that he has such a strong personality. I love getting to know him, being near him, and I try not to use him in my art...without prior permission.
Motherhood is a collaboration. It has taught me so much about my place, my boundaries, my capacity to love. It literally and figuratively has stretched me. I'm so grateful.
My flowers have arrived! I put them in a vase made by my colleague, Robert Moorhouse.
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