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Monday, June 8, 2015

Vermont feels like home

Though I have never lived here before, Johnson is a village where people seem to feel comfortable in their skin. Everyone is a citizen of the planet, treating it with respect, and doing their own thing. I saw a house for sale, surrounded by raggedy weeks and dandelion puffs, with an off-kilter hand-carved sign identifying that the place was the attorney's. Perhaps that is what makes Vermont special. Would an attorney be one of the poorest of the community?

Wolf Kahn Barn studios
My studio has the 3rd and 4th windows from the left. It's huge. ;-)
I am trying to relax and find the rituals to tap into the flow of inspiration. Unpacking supplies, preparing surfaces, sharpening pencils, napping, walking, disconnecting, and using my eyes, nose, ears and full senses to enjoy everything around me. The other residents report the same situation. A group of them are drinking in the lounge- "distilling their ideas". I was given a comfy chair by the maintenance man and now sit, facing the walls in my studio, counting my blessings. I made my first work of art today, with watercolors, Prismacolors, and oil sticks- a thank you card for the chair.
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