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Sunday, June 12, 2016

Checking in a week later

I am able to use my studio walls to map out a larger art history project.
Every day I research, try to write 2000 words, and paint the images that come up for me. I barely do anything else. Thank God I have a work grant and have to show up in the kitchen to prep meals, as it is the only way I meet people. It's been cold and rainy and that helps keep the focus tight and inside.

First I struggled with authorship and having the right to write my own art history. One quote on my wall is: I will not be afraid to imagine new narratives for famous old works. I think this is going to...this has to involve sex, religion and politics.
Calling the hundreds of female sculptures found from the Paleolithic period "fertility figures" seems a bit dismissive to me. How were the distorted body forms affecting the women of that time? Some think the works- the tiny stone/bone carvings and clay sculptures- are the product of women artists working on self portraits without mirrors. That would explain the extreme foreshortening, the tiny feet and the almost non-descriptive heads. The research woke up my "inner Barbie", and all the vexing standards for female beauty that still haunt women.
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