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Saturday, September 17, 2016

Sleeping Beauty

This isn’t the first hundred years of distorted body ideals. The curious success and the sexual provocation of the "Hottentot Venus" influenced the fashion of Victorian women. The Bustle and the Basques, which called for layers of short over-skirts, bows, belts and lots of trimmings, hung over a framework that ballooned out the shape of the female form beyond her natural waist and hips. A tightly laced bodice emphasized a tiny waistline, which is still in the vogue, sans petticoat today.
My inner Barbie again
The first breast implant was made on a French lady in 1895. World war I dramatically increased the stature of plastic surgeons. In 1962 the first silicone breast implant was created. In 1982 doctors in America import the French technique of liposuction.

Today Plastic Surgery is a growing option. In 2014, plastic surgeons performed 15.6 million cosmetic procedures. The demand for plastic surgery continues to grow as medical advances offer a wider array of options for patients. The American Society of Plastic surgeons  (founded in 1937), statistics say that buttock implants and lifts are among the fastest growing procedures over the past year. The top procedures, world wide, are breast augmentation followed by nose reshaping. And males are having plastic surgery at significantly increased rates since 2000. The top two procedures are pectoral implants and male breast reductions

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