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Monday, October 31, 2016

Red White and Blue Pill Nation

Saw this little artwork at one of last year's Miami Basel satellite fairs, and I wish I had the name of the artist. It made me pause, laugh and, then, feel a little down. I'm looking forward to the fairs again this year. It is only 4 weeks away! I enjoy walking through tents with room after room of art.The little emotional roller-coasters and retinal feasts are exhilarating.

So many things can be said about this sculptural image:
a pill encrusted, 
bloated icon
We are on an island
A society of ills,
medicine and poison 
manufactured from the same
corporate charlatans
Addiction for everyone

OOOHhhh, how exciting to think that it is time for our civic engagement moment. Millions of us will exercise our vote and, through the confounded electorate, choose new leaders to galvanize us to unity, guide the war plan, safe guard our constitution, appoint the next (few?) justice(s) of the supreme court, inspire other leaders, deal with the environmental crisis, and negotiate as a global partner.
 Thinking this way reminds me of the artwork, again...
                                                        Our elections can make you sick.
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