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Saturday, February 18, 2017

#Streetartmankind exhibition

Billed as "a call out from street artists to end child slavery," this exhibition of large canvas murals at the Fountainhead studios is stunning, saddening and hopeful. Giant containers are piled high to form a maze in the yard next to and across the street from the Fountainhead studios in northern Little Haiti, 7401 NW Miami Ct. The exhibition runs until Monday the 20th, from 10 am to 6 pm.  Over 35 local and international street artists created paintings to be auctioned on the 20th to support StreetartMankind's (SAM) pledge to save children of the street.
 There is a hashtag #atthisage asking us to consider a photograph of a child slave and remember what you were doing at their age. There is a wall of answers with priviledged childhood photos juxtaposed next to the street child or slave child's photo.
The quality of the murals is dizzying. There is graffiti writing, stencils, and collage work. The control over line with a spray-can is pretty phenomenal. I wish my students could see this! 

look at the shapes and forms created with spray paint!

Torn paper pasted collage by Jo Di Bona


details of Jo Di Bona's Work
Jo Di Bona is a french artist who covers trains and walls in his signature "graffiti pop". It is sure to be a hit in Miami because Miami is all about Pop. He has at least three murals up for auction.
by KinMx

KinMx (aka Kathrina Rupit) comes from Mexico and now lives in Dublin, Ireland. She uses an array of mediums such as spray paints, newspaper collage, urban markers, to assemblage of cardboard, door parts and even Popsicle sticks. She is influenced by her Mexican roots, addressing social issues such as pollution, discrimination, injustice and embracing a culture without the curse of violence.
Hoxxoh, pure spray control

 Yuhmi, a local Miami art collaborating couple were represented (I didn't photograph their work), but I want to say that the artists involved were both our best locals and the most creative internationals. And the field was an even mix of gender. Its a strong show!! It is a good cause!

Funds raised (via ticketing and the sales of the arts) will benefit the foundation of the Nobel Peace Prize winner Kailash Satyarthi, especially the “raid and rescues” activities along with the creation of “child-friendly villages.” To learn more go to

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