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Sunday, March 19, 2017

Burning Bed

These are fiery times full of explosive action.
Fire is part of renewal and growth. It is a way of shedding the past.
Relationships ignite in passion. Then risk going up in smoke.
There are times in Life when you embrace the fire.

I painted this in 2010 when I felt as though I had been traveling through a ring of fire and emerging into a whole new life. I believe anyone who can relate to persevering through hell, or burning with new sensations, will "get" this picture.

This small acrylic painting on wood is a reminder that
some things have to end in order to have the brighter future you dream of.
Why not light the match? Fan the flames?

It is signed on the front lower right corner

In honor of Lent I am surrendering and letting 40 paintings from the past few years go to auction starting as low as $10.
This is painting number 11.
I don't always want to let work go. This REALLY is one of my favorites.
Selling on Ebay helps me make space, keep the flow and pay for materials.

My collectors are the most fiery awesome people out there, from Texas to Raleigh, Sacramento to New York, and Boston to Miami!
Why don't you join them?

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