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Sunday, April 16, 2017

Visiting the studio of Sara Stites and Fountainhead

Stites pointing out artists in books and art history that inspire her

There is nothing quite as powerful as exposing your students to a working artist's studio process. I was fortunate enough this spring to get 10 of my AP students to visit the off-the-beaten-track Fountainhead Residency Studios just north of Little Haiti, Miami for a day of inspired expanding dialogue. Katherine Mikesell is the contact at Fountainhead. She was very helpful in pulling together a roster of diverse artists willing to take the time to talk to my group of kids. Part of the mission of Fountainhead is to encourage art education and the contemporary art dialogue. It is safe to say that Sara Stites, painter and sculptor, blew their minds. Full of whimsy and humor, Stites shared her process, her sculptures, her paintings, her sketches, her bookshelves, and even the maquette for an upcoming show being planned in Maine. The kids learned how (contrary to sequential high school art classes), the art world cross pollinates and artists use a mixture of media to convey their messages in singular pieces.
We also got to visit the studio of Lori Nozick and Andrea Nhuch. Those artists shared about their search for abundant affordable material and the path to being a professional artist via, grants, school, and the workforce. It was a very refreshing day for me as a teacher and artist. I loved getting to know new talent and look forward to seeing their work again.
In fact, Lori has work in the I am Woman Hear me Roar show in Wynwood now.
Nozick discussing practical routes to afford life as an artist

Nhuch sharing her bubblewrap sculpture fabrication process

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