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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Keep your laws off my body

I come from three generations of women supporting Margaret Sanger and planned parenthood. It saddens me how the lies about the organization have spread. So many good people have been lied to. Now health care for women is decided on by men who have no stake in the realities of the lives they affect. Planned Parenthood is so much more than a gruesome placard. They provide vital health care in rural and urban areas, such as cancer screenings, prenatal care, pregnancy testing, and birth control to many women who have no other access to a gynecologist. I have taken two young girls there for help- both of them got prenatal care for their pregnancies and carried their babies to full term. The planned parenthood nurses were concerned, caring, and did not have an agenda other than to support the women's choices. I know men without insurance who have gone there for STD testing and condoms. Planned Parenthood should not be shut down.
The situation in Texas is awful, and Texas ranks 48 out of 50 as horrible for women's health care. Now the male politicians want to export the Texas style women's health care to the rest of the country.

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