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Sunday, July 16, 2017

The HFAA water works exhibit

The Home Farm Artists Association along with Fence Post Productions presented the 2017 annual group art show along the theme of "Water Works". A small reception was held at 11 am July 5th, and the show will be up through the rest of the summer. Make sure to sign the guest book if you get there!
where does our water come from?

 I printed canvas cards of a spigot as party favors. Most people don't even think about the finite supply or source of their water. The spigot faucet is where water comes from! We hung streamers from my brothers boat like a waterfall effect. The boat, an acorn skiff, was a home school project Willy undertook between the ages of 14 and 16.

 Michael G exhibited a work that had previously shown at the Akin Museum, an iceberg relic. It served as a commentary on water in it's solid form.
Gellatly work to the left, Gardner Grossi giving tour to an art patron
painting of Kylie G in front of pond

 Ian S. focused on the significance of water to the basic needs of life. He and Natalie created a series of planet paintings to highlight the search for water in outer space. "Water is the stuf(f) of Life"
 My father, Julian S, featured a series of small watercolors, just a sampling of the many he has painted at Schoodic point in Maine. This coast has been a source of endless fascination and painterly challenge for him. Framed above his postcards is a painting of a lighthouse by my sister Suzy B.
 The entryway was hung with watercolors from our archive. Works by Joan Bowers in Cambridge, Gwen Strauss in Cape Cod, Michael Gellatly, Erin Haab , and Pa at the pond, Kate Long in the weeds, (and more) demonstrated the perfect nature of watercolors as a medium to capture natural scenes of water. Natalie's gouche of a Koi and an oil painting by Claude Marks of the Venice shore were also represented.
 Natalie outdid herself with this scene inspired by the fourth of July- "A night of Fire and Water", acrylic on paper.
 Willy submitted two photos digitally manipulated along the theme. Using his wife as his muse, Willy cleverly titled his art Water Closet and Water Table. They require deep looking.

We had a fun time preparing the space, cleaning and curating the submissions.

There is more work... by artists Susan Hennelly, Jo Davidson, Gardner Grossi and Laurent Davidson.

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