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Sunday, April 16, 2017

Visiting the studio of Sara Stites and Fountainhead

Stites pointing out artists in books and art history that inspire her

There is nothing quite as powerful as exposing your students to a working artist's studio process. I was fortunate enough this spring to get 10 of my AP students to visit the off-the-beaten-track Fountainhead Residency Studios just north of Little Haiti, Miami for a day of inspired expanding dialogue. Katherine Mikesell is the contact at Fountainhead. She was very helpful in pulling together a roster of diverse artists willing to take the time to talk to my group of kids. Part of the mission of Fountainhead is to encourage art education and the contemporary art dialogue. It is safe to say that Sara Stites, painter and sculptor, blew their minds. Full of whimsy and humor, Stites shared her process, her sculptures, her paintings, her sketches, her bookshelves, and even the maquette for an upcoming show being planned in Maine. The kids learned how (contrary to sequential high school art classes), the art world cross pollinates and artists use a mixture of media to convey their messages in singular pieces.
We also got to visit the studio of Lori Nozick and Andrea Nhuch. Those artists shared about their search for abundant affordable material and the path to being a professional artist via, grants, school, and the workforce. It was a very refreshing day for me as a teacher and artist. I loved getting to know new talent and look forward to seeing their work again.
In fact, Lori has work in the I am Woman Hear me Roar show in Wynwood now.
Nozick discussing practical routes to afford life as an artist

Nhuch sharing her bubblewrap sculpture fabrication process

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Dimensions, an intimate show of artworks

Michael has 6 beautiful drawings in a show at a new gallery in Wilton Manors, Florida. He hangs with George Goodridge and Gerbi Tsesarkaia, two artists who work both on and off the wall. It is a sweet grouping put together by the gallery owner/artist Aster da Fonseca.(He is on Instagram)
2201 Wilton Drive

Show is up until April 22nd


Astor , Michael and Bruce Gellatly and artist Krisse Pasternack

Gerbi and her husband rest for a minute

Doing the art talk thing
 For these drawing Michael built small models of iceberg-like characters and photographed them in different lighting. He then rendered them in an assortment of media such as pencil, graphite, ink, and collage. They are very  soft, intricate and evocative of the iconic fragility of our climate issues.

Gerbi with fellow Bakehouse artist Tina Salvesen

A nice crowd for the mid show reception

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Tumultuous Times of April

There seems to be a stirring and awakening of humanity all around us in this season. Is it the sounds of spring? We just dropped 50 Raytheon-made Tomahawk missiles (what a nice Indian war game name for them) on Syria in the middle of the night, and now the media are commenting on how "presidential" our president has become. The call of "real" government seems to be war and oppression. The call of humanity in response is to personalize the drama. RISE UP ARTISTS.
April is called the "intense" month. Poe wrote about it being the "cruelest month". It takes us to our edge outside the comfort zones. Many give their lives up. It happened this month in 1526 with the first slave revolt in the USA. Can you imagine the drama of that historical moment? This is the month of recorded hyper anti-immigration laws (Arizona 2010), the One Million March on DC for LGBT rights (1993), the acquittal of the police for beating Rodney King (1992), the launch of the Bay of Pigs (1961) and Martin Luther King assassination in 1968. The calendar is full, and this is not unique to our country or our own time. This is the month Jesus was tortured and put to death.

Small theatrical paintings starting at $10 on sale on eBay this month. Satisfaction guaranteed.  Check it out here

Sunday, April 2, 2017

April Auctions

 Bid for Country Dream Bed here.
 Bid for Jump For Joy here
 Bid for Symbolic Painterly Brush here
 Bid for Unique Pop Talk here
Bid for Atmospheric Mountains here
I have listed nineteen paintings, so far, as part of my #SurrenderforLent project. Collectors have won original paintings as far away as from California to Connecticut, and Illinois to North Carolina. All bids start at $10. All paintings worth at least 9 times that. Great gift ideas. A bio is on the eBay page.  Good luck!. Good Lent.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Hints of an un-made bed

In honor of the lovely naps we enjoy, alone or with a lover...
This little painting is an intimate look into a bedroom after everybody has left.
It is what remains when light filters through the shades and day has continued.
A fond memory of nap times...
I painted this in 2010 when I felt self-care to be a high priority.

This painting will look good propped on a shelf or
in a small gold frame.

It is signed on the back.

In honor of Lent I am surrendering and letting 40 paintings from the past few years go to auction starting as low as $10.
This is painting number 13.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

country dreams for sale

8 x 10 x .25 inches. Unique one of a kind acrylic and wax collage painting on eBay now!

Monday, March 20, 2017

The planets have lined up with my feet

Today is the first day of Spring... I felt it was a good time to do a moving meditation. There is a Labyrinth at the Congregational Church down the road. The intricate passageways lead you both toward and away from the center. Walking it as a ritual, you are supposed to feel the symbolic relationship of the pathways of the labyrinth to the pathways of your life. I felt as though I was peeling back years like an onion...sometimes I had a clear vision of the goal and at other times I was way out on the edges facing the opposite direction. I could see my ages from the childhood years of self absorption and glee in details of nature, living in the wide arc of unending summers, through the knotted teenage years of reversals and more reversals, to the wisdom of motherhood, a time erect and purposeful. To the present where I tread carefully wondering at the age of my limbs and the invisibility of grey haired women. In America we no longer even pretended to prioritize any care of the elderly or the infirm. They are being rapidly cut from social services. Better for business to put them out of sight.
If the history of other man-made cultures repeats itself, the artists and writers are next. I shudder.
The name Labyrinth has ties to the Greek Minoan royalty. There is a story that the king of Crete had a large labyrinth built to hold in the dangerous Minotaur. (We have been studying Picasso's art all week in class and I can see the half beast, half man in his etchings.)All I know is that when I got to the center of the Labyrinth I felt a swelling glee. I spun with arms outstretched embracing the planets above and dancing across the earth at my feet. I was half woman and half beast, for just a moment of spring.