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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Spring in the Target parking lot

Clouds made for painting

Pretty darn cute. Chicks in the urban world play in a parking lot puddle!

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Plan ahead

If you don't get something in the mail by Wednesday
or in your hand by Sunday, you will be bugged...
Like this card shows, there are consequences for not planning ahead.
Order something today from FineArtAmerica and get it shipped on time!

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Spring from the gound up

As far as the signs of the seasons go, by living in Miami, I miss nature waking from the slumbers of winter most of all. It always starts along the waters edges, first underfoot, then waist high, before soft yellow lime green leaves unfold at the tips of tree limbs. The background palette is still slate gray and raw umber. With the new infusion of life,
it is a time of hope and possibility. A time of new birth. I saw three orange kits (baby foxes) playing at the side of the road up in the country. The city park was filled with dogs pulling their owners into communities. Tomorrow is May first!!! Already? Nature is at play again.

Marvels from the sky

Who doesn't love a window seat? How can we resist the temptation to capture the glorious evidence (as opposed to the havoc wreaked) of Man's footprint across the surface of the country.
I took too many pictures.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The School's Annual Spring Art Walk

was a complete success!

The walls glistened with art. The students rushed around in a frenzy to point out their works to their friends. The room got packed. Everybody came. The headmaster picked one of the works for his collection! I'm exhausted but happy.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Poignant brushwork portraits

I just told someone that I didn't paint people- and here I am finishing a series of portraits!
 This group was filled with personalities, all so different. Outside of the advisory they were not the best of friends with each other, but inside the room, they had each other's backs, they respected each other and ... we all learned from each other.
 I am grateful to my job for giving me the opportunity to get to know these kids, and through our Mosaic program we studied, discussed and learned about our ethnicity, our privilege, our inherent biases, our understanding of gender preferences and identification, as well as how to change a tire on a car, cook with an iron, balance a check book and make a monthly budget. We explored the UN's sustainable development goals and found the ones we were passionate about and made a plan, we painted murals, served dinner to the homeless, traveled to Universal studios, and spent a day on South Beach. I saw them elected homecoming king, Mr. Falcon, and into honor societies. We won contests for our decorations, our posters, scavenger hunts and more. I admired their work as editors of the yearbook, as creator of films, as Agents of Change, as soccer stars, as football running-back-record-breakers, as directors and actors, as potters, as poets, as musicians, and as painters.
  I also grieved as they were suspended, disciplined, failed, rejected and heartbroken. I applaud their courage and curiosities. I truly love these guys and will really miss them during fire drills next fall.
 I don't remember many of my own high school teachers. I know I had some good ones, but they've faded, and I never looked back.

These kids ARE my teachers and I must now buck up and look forward.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Headed to the library

Going to meet friends, and figure out what my workshop and talk will be about on May 21st! It is billed as promising to be "transformative"!!!! I will be there today from 10-noon.
How to Bury a Friend- Miami Dade Public Library- Hispanic branch, 1398 SW First St.