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Friday, April 6, 2018

Taking 4 days off from Instagram and Twitter is changing my life

I need some space, and have found that limiting my posts, retweets or checking my "likes", I have some time to do morning sun salutations, fit in hearty prayers for all my neices, nephew, sons, sisters and brother, read a book about Manet and Morisot, and even write a girlfriend up north. It is amazing how spacious my afternoons after work can be!!! My best laid plan is to keep this up for 4-5 days.
almond blossoms in my sister's french backyard
I am not sure how long I can do this...and I probably should not be blogging.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Dreaming of window seats and the fate of frequent fliers

There is something about air travel that excites me no matter the crowds, delays and lack of civil conditions it can now entail. My parents first took me around the world when I was barely 2 years old, and for most of my upbringing we were crisscrossing terminals and tarmacs. I feel as though the window seat, at 32,000 feet, is my home. So, anticipating an upcoming itinerary, I am drawn to collage and paint works that express the idea of my fate being entwined with flying.
Plane daydreaming

Sharp right turn (Landing in Saigon 1964)

Escaping one Miami for Paris

Ladies and children first, oxygen later

Friday, March 9, 2018

The truth about dog shows

Everyone loves their pet, and can wax poetic about the idiosyncrasies. They fuss,  fondle and reach across leash lines to meet others. Dogs sniff and people break into conversation. Pets really do create community.

Last weekend I saw this at the Gifford lane Art Stroll in Coconut Grove, Miami. Everyone had a dog. But the truth is...most people don't want a picture of someone else's dog!
So, for a little while longer, I will offer commissions based on the square inch. This is to give what I believe is the best value, with ease for both of us. Send me a picture and tell me the size you want your pet painted. I can do it for about $2/sq.inch- the smallest, 4 x 6 inches is $50. Pay via Paypal, check or credit card information and then I will snail mail you the finished work mounted in a white standard sized matte.
I have about a 2 week turn around now.
Happy dog days!

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Website is up and running

Check out the website today! I have a spanking new website,  featuring 6 to 8 artwork categories...They will change every month or so... and a studio store.
FREE ART FOR YOU: Look through the images on there... The challenge is to find 5 heart paintings, 5 suitcase paintings and the one cell phone painting? If you email me the titles and your shipping address, I will mail you an art sticker and lots of good vibes!
Why do anything else?

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

From my dad's table, an alchemy of goods

Even though my mother started an art school (with me in it at the age of 3), I often feel it is my dad and his endless curiosity that propelled me towards a career in art. His home counts 8 or 9 workplaces dedicated to such things as cider making, welding, a saw mill, archiving family history, learning Japanese poetry, making jewelry and sculpture, maple syrup-ing, vacuum repair and more. From him I saw how an old washing machine was a valuable resource. I watched him turn a deer antler and an expired bullet casing into a whistle, (many many times). My sisters and nieces wear jewelry fashioned out of the insides of old computer hard drives. But that is nothing... We see him turn bricks into lamps and boxes of rusty parts into a working vintage farm truck. The list goes on.
Dad's work table/ Atelier

In the summer I paint upstairs from his vet clinic and his wood shop. Down below he tinkers and putters at this work table between clients.
I paint his table and we appreciate the sculptural jewelry, but the alchemy between the two is still a mystery.
Today, between midnight and 1am he turns 20.5 years of age. He continues, at this young leap year anniversary, to inspire us all.

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Art with "Heart" opens this week

Right now there are three places to see and buy my art!
Opening today- on Saturday February 24th and running through April 13th at the Front Street Gallery in Patterson NY. is a group show called “Heart”, with one of my annual valentines, “Shrouded”. There are 33 artists in the exhibit so I am sure there is a heart for you.

Smell the Flowers, acrylic on paper, $100
On March 4th, from 12 to 5pm, I will have small original and unframed dog and cat paintings at the Gifford Lane Art Stroll in Coconut Grove, Miami. Proceeds from any sales will benefit St Stephen’s AIDS Ministry and St. Alban’s Child Enrichment Center. I love painting pets because of their bursts of unconditional love. We can read so much in their eyes. Take a look at my paintings and see if there is a doggie face that reminds you of someone you love.

If you can’t get to either event, the good news is that  (starting this next week) there is a studio store on my new website where you can shop from the comfort of your own home! I promise free domestic shipping, and %100 satisfaction with money back guarantee.

Friday, February 16, 2018

Velentines Recap

Printmaking set up
I was late this year.
Part of the excuse was another event I got involved with that took most of my creative time.
In the spirit of finding something significant to do for Shrove Tuesday, I found myself working with St Thomas Episcopal church (here in Miami) and Didi Bertrand's Women and Girls Initiative to help traumatized women in Haiti and Rwanda get access to healing, education and leadership training.
I volunteered the art club students and several of my colleagues to make decorations for the tables for an event that would raise money. We had a silent auction, and ate crepes. Didi, a medical anthropologist and the wife of PIH Paul Farmer, shared about the work she is doing and her enthusiasm was infectious. Access to an educatation is vital and life transforming. Changing the life of a woman actually changes the economical status of her family and heals a village. Women are care givers and want to give back.
So that is how I came to draw the image for this years Valentine print. A pencil signifies school supplies, and the heart grows as we work together. I printed it on an assortment of recycled paper scraps, so each one is different, but with the same message. Love is a choice. We can all do it!

Lino Print, edition of 34 plus 4 AP