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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Yuri Tuma and the PTS Fall Art Walk

Lucky for us, PTS Grad Yuri Tuma was available to come and speak to the students today as we showcased their work, half way through the year. Yuri Tuma shared the story of his art journey with the AP and digital art students. Since graduating a dozen years ago, his lucky breaks and his working discipline have brought him to this point of living the creative dream. He currently has a solo exhibition opening in Wynwood at the Butter Gallery that will be up through the Miami art fair week into January. His work is photographic geometric abstractions created from his love of architecture and by using mobile apps (cell phone technology). He shared a lot of great insight with us today, and even his belief of taking risks. At the Butter gallery Yuri painted his first wall. It brought back all he learned in high school math class! Over all Yuri

set the tone for the Art walk- Positive, creative, and optimistic about the future! We had great crowds. At times it was standing room only. I was very proud of my students...
This girl has learned to paint with her left, non-dominant, hand. This boy has entered every competition available, learning to work the guidelines and deal with rejection. Both kids, if they can keep the positive attitude and the work ethic, will go far in life.

Below a screen shot of a listing of the top ten artists to see at Miami Basel this year. Yuri Tuma is #2

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