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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Soundings in feet

I finally went to a podiatrist. If you will indulge me, I will share about how my four months with Plantar Fasciitis have brought me to this point. I've tried ice, stretches, meditating, acupuncture, lotions, sitting still, swimming, praying, and lots of complaining,  balanced by trying to "appreciate the messages" my foot was trying to tell me. Obviously, I live a life unbalanced, and perhaps I don't have a foot to stand on, or I need to take more of a stand, so when my girlfriend insisted I call her podiatrist, and she was giving me a ride in her car, I had no choice but to dial the phone. 
At Garnet and Carbonell's  Miami Footcare office in south Miami, they took Xrays, shot my heel with cortizone and gave me a full round of anti inflammatory pills to take for the next 20 days. I was instructed to give up my closet full of flimsy heels and flat shoes and enter the world of orthopedic arch support. I have pink SUPERfeet shock absorbing pads to fit inside of a new pair of black sneakers from Footworks. I am bummed by the lack of style and the limiting wardrobe... so I got self-indulgent about it all, in my art, once again.
At the studio this weekend, I started painting my foot, large and on the only paper I had available- old maps of the Florida coastline. Only after I finished my second one did I notice they both have the words "Soundings in Feet' on the border! I guess this is meant to be!
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