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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Perks of living in Miami

Getting to the beach, no matter how close we live, is like going on an exodus. Michael and Sophie (my niece) and I pack bags and boxes of stuff, sling blankets and chairs and umbrellas over our shoulders and we withdraw from the chores, the calendar, the phone, the lists, and the daily flow of nagging details. At the beach the breeze and the roar of the surf renders us into an auditory envelope, the the water suspends us womb-like, harking us back to our earliest memories... a place of no language, perhaps really the memories of our cells.
I think the name of this nail color is "Spoiled". It goes well, if I do say so, with the skies, the water, the clouds, and many umbrellas. Nothing could spoil my day.
Michael and Sophie- in the roar
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