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Friday, August 7, 2015

I Can See!

Doing my end-of-summer-before-school body scan and dancing through the crazy labyrinths of Florida's medical world, I found my eyes, on their own, to be weaker than I was used to.
The new normal for me is needing reading glasses to see up close, but I was starting to feel like the horizon was softening and closing in as well. These "progressives" allow me to see up close and far away with clarity... and I hope once I get use to them the middle (straight ahead) ground won't be so fuzzy! Thank you Dr. Lianette Laria and her wonderful staff...I felt I had a thorough exam and got cleared of any large issues. A wonderful office on West Flagler, in Miami.  Now I have these cool Fendi frames (and a fear of loosing them). I will be the crazy lady with lanyards and strings attached to my glasses!
went OTHER PLACES to check other body parts
Don't forget to BLINK!!!!

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