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Saturday, August 1, 2015

R. Barrett at McDaris Fine Art TONIGHT

Don't miss this show if you are near Hudson NY today or any of the month of August. My good friend and excellent painter Rosemary Barrett has a show of a dozen new paintings.
 623 Warren Street in Hudson, NY  212-518-7551
The show runs through August
Ro and I go way back. She taught art at the Kildonan school 7 years ago, after Jen died and I left. With the school across the street from my house, we lived as neighbors and often took walks together. We bonded over discussions of love, life, art, children and our appreciation of birds as mystical messengers. Ro possesses passion, a humble heart, and true empathy with those she meets. She is an excellent teacher and she has a great sense of humor... lending a constant twinkle to her eyes. I am truly lucky to have her as a friend.
Her paintings develop as individual tableaux...small still life arrangements with nuanced subtleties that lend themselves to be read as stories of momentous ideas in minutia. As a mother, daughter, sister, and lover, she brings to her painting a sense of the fullness and fragility of life that is grounded in her being able to recognize and value it's riches. Every thing Ro does is done with intention. She has done everything from miniature trompe l'oeil paintings to giant decorative murals. She is present. Her paintings can tell us stories that we would miss otherwise. I love, most of all, looking really close to her painted surfaces. They are polished and lacking any brushstroke. In that way they remind me of both Georgia O'Keeffe and Charles Sheeler.

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