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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

The kid is growing up

My youngest son left Florida in his pick-up truck, with all of his earthly belongings, to travel across the country and make a new start. In the old days travel was limited to a range prescribed by how far the horse could travel out and back- so about 12 miles. That was the gene pool.What has happened now? Insanely, I worry about him meeting someone and ending up living far away from me permanently! We have too many cars. The roads web across distances unimagined by my ancestors.
When did he even learn to drive?!

He took off in stormy weather and had exhaust trouble that led to three days of Texas near Ozona. Friends rallied and offered pit stops, meals and a bed. This afternoon he texted me that he had hit the other coast... and arrived in California. 
My heart is made of cracked and crumbled hard bits held together with tape. The cracks are from the kids all growing heart has to get bigger just like them. Nothing is perfect, but we make do.

Michael sketches the prep on our calendar

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