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Saturday, December 9, 2006

ABSTRACT on panel and on wall

drawing for inside the wall
sketched during construction lull
over fireplace mantle
This day started out well enough- I was so excited about almost having made 100 paintings in a row. But I also thought that there would be an IDEAL time to start this very last work-no idea what it was to be. Then the chaos of loving and living ensued, and I found no time at all- and no energy or will to try. Thoughts of bailing at this crucial end seemed to haunt me. I went twice to my studio and returned feeling miserable and blank. Then my sons, my wonderful sons, came to my assistance. Max cooked a fine original dinner meal and Kent and Ben took markers and started drawing on the wall of our under construction living room. They used a little paint. We painted a giant heart over the mantle to heal our family, and a pot with an earth flower to remind us to be stewards of the land, and a paint brush, and while we were at it we thought we ought to paint a little money jar as well. The paintbrush flows out of the jar...Then finally the ending. My 100th painting.

acrylic on wood
6 x 13 x 2 inches
The Ending. A sight for sore eyes...
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