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Saturday, January 6, 2007

Between Worlds

I am trying to paint three large tapestries to illustrate what words fail to perform. It feels like a race to set down a memory before it fades. One image is set riverside, the second tapestry is twilight in the bush and the third depicts the cape coastline. Each image illustrates a different aspect of the journey- a different group of people, animals, and textures. I have swaths of mosquito netting, a plethora of buttons and terrycloth for sewing bath robes to the surface. Spent an hour yesterday prying open crusty tubes of oil paint-it has been twelve years since I last used them. (I switched to water based paints when pregnant with Max). Acrylic paint just won't begin to capture the light of Africa. I love pushing around the oil paint and cannot believe the brilliant range of "white" I can achieve.
Tommorrow it will be time to start my American Icon paintings- a series of daily paintings and live demonstrations of the Ice cream Sundae. I will post them as I finish them. I hope to finish 30 in order to create a poster, "A Month of Sundaes", for sale next month.
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