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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Quick Ice Cream Offering

So, I have about a week more in the window. I want to create a couple more than mere thirty paintings to give myself room to edit the final poster. Several people have asked if I'll be creating a calendar as well. And I got my first poster pre-order today.
It can be very warm where I am sitting, so I've started creating "ice cream" out of mashed potatoes! One of my ex-students suggested it. The texture works well...Though the chocolate sauce, on top of warm potatoes ( since I made them at the last minute) still ran. Tomorrow I will try cold potatoes and chocolate "shell".
Right after the painting session I ran to meet John Haas of He is going to help me with the welding of the train station map. My brother hasn't gotten back to me about the latest drawings. All this is the beginings of the next project...
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