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Friday, April 20, 2007

I love being left alone

I haven't written in a while, not for lack of work, or lack of the Muse in my studio-actually I have been painting a lot. I feel totally inspired- too inspired to slow down and write about it! It's sort of like when I was growing up and had boyfriend issues. I'd call home when I was miserable and all was going wrong...get everybody's advice and sympathy. Then, when things got better I never thought to take the time to call home and tell them- I was having much too much fun!
This week I did take a day to go by train to the city and meet Mom. I didn't talk about the studio or the map because I was afraid to go into it- to share my obsession, as if my eyes might roll in my head and I'd start frothing. I love being alone in my studio. I love the way a painting can talk to me. For every mark made, there is a dialogue. When I spend 9 hours in the studio much of it is standing there, looking, thinking, wondering. When I make a move I am often surprised by the results. I really do not have any idea how this piece will look when I feel it is done.
So I took these pictures, of the east and west sides, in order to study the mural from a distance. A photograph changes what we can see, by flattening and leveling the surface.
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