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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Farm stand

I painted this today, 8 x 10 wrap-around the edges canvas, and I am not totally thrilled. I love the slip in scale- the pumpkins bigger than the tiny cows, etc.. This captures some of the changing color that is starting to peak through the hills. I have to risk saying that the brushwork felt sloppy- I couldn't recognize my favorite brush- and I started it out of water, then at home away from the scene, and then back in my car in the parking lot out of the wind... It was sort of like creating a new relationship with the materials after being away and preoccupied for so many days. I had to be the pursuer. This is the organic farm stand right down the road that rents a lot of our land for produce. It is a great family...each son has babysat for mine over the years. I will be setting up a display table of "agri-art" over the weekend. I thought perhaps this could become a souvenir card image. It didn't come easy and I think I will try it again. But I am so exhausted. It rests as my only accomplishment today- that, the drive with my father-in-law, and supper on the stove.
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