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Sunday, October 7, 2007

Patio art

I've been running to art event after art event- both Saturday and Sunday mornings I set up a display, with other fabulous artists (Michael Gellatley, Joan Marchell, and Sue Hennelly) at the McEnroe farm stand to show off our veggie or farm inspired works. The afternoons were bright and sunny and the perfect days for seeing the open studios of the southern ART/East artists. I swung into Amy Farrell's, Lonna Kelly's, John Coluontano's, Mary Smoot-Souter's, Denisa Fenton's, Linda Puiatti's, and ERIX's before running out of time and springing to Beacon to see art in the Go North and Van Brundt galleries. Then I met with friends from my time in Barcelona- Ray and Raul, and we drove to Newburg to check out the exciting and new Ann Street Gallery- WOW.
There seems to be great art and energy in abundance. I am soaking it all in. I feel inspired.
As I ran in and out of the barn- collecting and stashing works and props, my dad shamed me with his miraculous ability to move mountains. I had only mentioned a vision for a terrace entrance where a wheel chair could roll unencumbered into the studio, and so, on the hottest afternoon of the year, my dad creates in stone. Beautiful pieces of limestone glitter in the sun and show off bluish striations and soft hooker green moss. The photos of the work in process do not begin to do it justice. My dad is amazing.
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