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Thursday, April 3, 2008

A Matter of Energy

Here is an egg. 5 x 7 collage and paint on paper
I was wrong- when I wrote earlier that we are all strings of dust, nothing. Reading further (a good thing to do before quoting a book) Einstein proved that a small amount of matter can release a vast amount of energy. "Locked within the smallest particles of matter is a storehouse of energy, more than 1 million times the energy released in a chemical explosion." So really everything is pulsating with energy. I look at a chair... and it now looks fidgiting and vibrating.

Last night I spoke to the Harlem Valley Chamber of Commerce about my Treasure Map which will be unveiled next week in Poughkeepsie. To calm my nerves ( I am fundamentally a shy person) I kept telling myself-" it is not about me. It's about the ways art can benefit a community and transform the energy of a city." Surely, there is energy in a work of art- even if it be static material. I remember the joy of creating it. It swelled out of my paintbrush. My map looks vibrating and lovely. If you have a chance- look for it.
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