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Friday, April 4, 2008

Nest scratched together

5 x 7 paint on paper
Thinking of the purpose and meaning in my life- I have to wonder what drives me on a daily basis? Today was a day filled with two committee meetings and dr appointments for my father-in-law. I guess, as I scratch into "my nest", or in other words, peer into the recesses of my world, mix together art, blogs, schools, parents and children, tie up the family in sickness and in health. - I build community.
Do I do it to seek approval? Do I blog for approval? (Honestly, it is nice to find like minded souls across the web) Do I do it to be important? (Oh my!) Do I do what I do in fear of the alternative- a life without connections, a lost sense of placement in the world? (How afraid is anyone of a meaningless life?)
I think I will keep painting nests and looking carefully at how I take care of the family or weave my volunteering commitments in the community. Until I start feeling better, there might not be any eggs!
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